Beauty Hurts

Friday, 22.04
15h - Cinema Aventure
Salle 2︎Shorts

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⌚︎ 75min

The film order can vary when screening!

Everything comes with a price, even pleasure. Discover here our selection of this year’s best BDSM shorts.

Faith of Steel

dir. Mistress Euryale
HK / 2021 / 6min / NO DIAL
Steel, latex, ashes, fluids, and leather… Machines, screens, gloves, endoscope, and cigarettes…

When the coldness and strength of technology meets the beauty and vulnerability of human bodies and emotions… A sneak peek at Mistress Euryale’s fantasy made reality with her human ashtray - or the total devotion of every inch of his trembling body, summoning the most sadistic part of Her. Let’s dive deeper into the troubled waters of human psychology... and human anatomy.

Blood, Sweat and Tears

dir. Roxanne Drip & Ashley Paige
USA / 2021 / 15min / EN ST FR
Daddy Ashley Paige is blood thirsty and wastes no time tenderising their pain loving pin cushion Roxanne Drip. Using Roxanne’s body as a canvas for carving and smearing, Ashley loves to make a good girl cry and works up a sweat while doing it. Will Drip be good enough for Ashley’s carnal desires? Will they get what they deserve after all?

Subspace Sanctuary

dir. L’Albatrice
FR / 2021 / 7min / FR ST ENG
This short movie is a romance, a fiction of a real BDSM live acting role play BDSM called "SubSpace". This takes place in a religious setting, the Sanctuary.

Each year, disciples and priestesses of a gynarchic cult celebrate the little death, that of enjoyment, and the renewal, that of Kernunos. During this night, where the social defrockes are gradually withdrawn, expiation, sacrifice, initiatory journey, celebration follow one another in a mystical and colorful universe.

My Element Water

dir. Swen Brandy
DE / 2021 / 21min / EN
The 25-year-old Madame A was a former long distance competive swimmer. Connected with water since she can remember, she now seeks to find her boundaries in the nurture of something so familiar. As breathing was the first thing she was taught to learn, she now meets for a challenge where it‘s being taken away. Her experience is reflected in an additional interview. A low-budget short film produced in Stuttgart, Germany. 

As you wish, mylady.

dir. Jo Pollux & Sadie Lune
DE / 2017 / 5min / ENG ST FR
My Lady likes a dark space underground, we've all spent time there but none of us know the way. We wait for her inside ourselves, touching each other maybe. She first appears as clacking boots and crushed fig leaves on a stairway, then the boots slacken until still. She's probably deciding, or maybe she's done it days ago. I hold my breath, and hope.


dir. Rob Eagle, Liz Rosenfeld & João Florêncio
UK / 2020 / 21min / ENG ST FR
Funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, OINK! is a research documentary produced by Dr João Florêncio (University of Exeter, UK). It offers a portrait of gay men who identify with the gay “pig” sexual imaginary, providing insight into their experiences of identity, masculinity, community, sexual pleasure and intimacy.

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