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17h - Cinema Aventure
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⌚︎ 94min

"To Make fi lms politically rather than to make political films". This godardian thought has impregnated cinema since the revolutions of 68, but what does it mean when we look at porn? It means empowerment. By looking at their bodies and their own sexual practices, by shaping a medium and by giving their voices to recreate protagonism to their own stories, fi lmmakers from all over the world uses the explicit as a way to express their political points of view. Because besides pleasure, sex is also a political battlefield.”

The Colleagues

dir. Adelaïd Ella (La Grande Horizontale)
FR / 2020 / 16min / FR ST ENG
The first film of a series of 'docuculs' surrounding sexwork. Two sexworkers, together for 10 years, share memories and pizzas, sometimes hilarious, sometimes twisted, around a microphone. In the image, what to please the eye...all at the same time, pleasing their ears and washing all stereotypes that encumber them.

Everything is ok  - An ASMR to help you sleep at night.

dir. Autojektor
UK / 2021 / 5min / ENG ST FR
Fetishisation meets demonisation in the destruction of faces.

All of Me

dir. Josie Hess & Morgana Muses
AU / 2020 / 15min / ENG ST FR
Melinah Viking is a sex worker, camgirl and activist with cerebral palsy, this short intimate documentary explores her work, philosophy, and the intersections of her identity.

My garage my rules

dir. Manon Praline
DE / 2019 / 11min / FR ST ENG
A day of work at the girls’ garage.


dir. Ann Antidote & Notorische Ruhestörung
PT, DE / 2021 / 14min / ENG ST FR
Menstruation is natural, matter of fact and not something exceptional, giving one person different properties, spiritual or material, worse or better. Get ready to watching it live on screen! Ft. rope bondage, first hand experiences and background research.

Ob Scene

dir. Paloma Orlandini Castro
AR / 2021 / 18min / ES ST FR & ENG
Ob Scene takes academic texts on sexuality written by a psychiatrist in Cuba in the 1980s and establishes a link with today's pornography. It is a reflection on the place of social control discreetly infiltrated in the representation of sex.


dir. Jan Soldat
AT, DE / 2021 / 16min / DE ST FR & ENG
The subject of the documentary, an affable gay Austrian fellow named Norbert, sits or stands naked in various poses in his small apartment. It is clear that Norbert has no penis, and in its stead has had a winged penis tattooed above the space where it used to be. Norbert recounts his story matter-of-factly, relating how he was alienated from his penis from a young age, and what his ex-boyfriend, family and friends think of his decision to take matters into his own hands and remove it. Nullo* is a fascinating portrait of an individual with penis dysmorphia who appears to be much happier and content without the very appendage that provides many men – especially gay men – with their entire raison d’être.

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