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We travel overseas with HOMOGRAFÍA Festival with a selection of the best Latin American porn shorts!

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Mexxxica Teotl

dir. Santy Mito
MX / 2018 / 6’ / NO DIAL
MexXxica Teotl is a short film that talks about 3 myths of the Mexican cosmogony, "La Vagina dentada", "La masturbación de Quetzalcóatl" and "El mito de Ometeotl". Each of these myths speaks of diverse sexuality seen from a pre-Hispanic vision interpreted by various deities, where the body and masturbation along with iconographic elements are the main axis that these mythologies narrate to us.


dir. GayEye, El Andariego & GeorgeX
MX / 2018 / 4’ / No Dial
Collaboration of 3 Mexican artists Alejandro Sánchez, Carlos Cabrer and Jorge Ramos. The premise is EROTIC PHOTOGRAPHY but the reality is capture fears, kink, fetishes, provocation and repressed desires.

Arousal takes over bodies and robs them of their will. Baños Finisterre, emblematic place of sexual freedom and exploring exhibitionism, Kink and group excitement. What are 3 naked men doing and excited locked in a steam bath?


dir. Antonio da Silva
MX / 2017 / 21’ / SP ST FR
"Sex with Mexicans can be very exciting and dangerous. The macho attitude makes aggressive and rude sex to be common not just between gay men but with straight men too. This dichotomy makes the Mexican men very special. The film is a combination of interviews, dance and scenes from an orgy that take us to a masculine homoerotic experience in traditional macho society in Mexico."


dir. Santy Mito
MX / 2021 / 4’ / NO DIAL

This piece seeks to talk about the diversity of movements through body diversity. It is a reflection that any body can dance and have fun through movement and nudity.


dir. Travis Matthews
BR / 2020 / 20’ / PT ST FR 
In the midst of political upheaval in Brazil, Travis Mathews directs this startling and moving film of the intersection between class, privilege and sex. A man lives a lonely, exquisite lifestyle in his large, empty apartment. He hears a noise, of a man stumbling through the window in his bedroom. The man has a gun, and he shakes while he holds it. What follows is a tender, complex exploration of lust and desire between two very talented performers and the faultless Direction of Mathews.

The Crossroad of Two Worlds

dir. MariaBasura Pandemicxxx & Jose Pouchucq
CL / 2020 / 9’ / No Dial

Work in progress by post-porn performer and activist MariaBasura Pandemicxxx wher she and her comrades take revenge on a Chilean colonial criminal historic figure. Part of the series Fuck The Fascism.

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