Saturday, 23.04
16h - Cinema Aventure
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⌚️ 76min

Discover the beautiful and sensitive work of Matt Lambert, one of our jury members!

👤   In the presence of the director

Pleasure Park

dir. Matt Lambert
USA / 2019 / 16min / EN ST FR
Part of a series of films commissioned in homage to Tom of Finland, this film was shot at his house on a summer day in the infamous Pleasure Park garden. This documentary-style film follows a group of friends in a summer-camp inspired day of exploration that culminates in a punk concert orgy. The topic of the day: “If the world was ending what would you do?”

‘Butt Muscle’ Rick Owens, Christeene and Michele Lamy

dir. Matt Lambert
FR / 2017 / 3min / NO DIAL
This collaboration with Rick Owens is a music video for ‘drag terrorist’ Christeene — a anal liberation anthem.

Fuck Machines

dir. Matt Lambert
USA / 2011 / 2min / DE ST FR
This experimental short was one of Lambert’s first sexually-charged pieces of work. An homage to Guy Maddin.

‘Release me’

dir. Julie Chance & Matt Lambert
DE / 2018 / 5min / EN ST FR
Music video for Evvol.

This music video for Evvol is a documentary-style portrait of a group of queer female friends during a Berlin summer day.


dir. Matt Lambert
DE / 2021 / 20min / EN ST FR

This love-story between a dom and sub is a BDSM film that explores the intimacy and trust between partners.

Starring Commander Ares and Roughkicks

Skyn Condom

dir. Matt Lambert
UK / 2020 / 45s / NO DIAL
This commercial for Skyn condoms celebrates the spectrum of touch.

Ludovic de Saint Sernin - Ep. 2 Steven

dir. Matt Lambert
DE / 2019 / 2min / EN ST FR
This series of short films, in collaboration with Tenga, celebrate self-love.

Moan Together

dir. Matt Lambert
DE / 2020 / 4min / EN ST FR
This music video was created at the start of the pandemic in support of out-of-work Sex Workers – aiming to raise money for relief funds. Over 50 cast from around the world – many of who are sex workers – were directed virtually or submitted lipsync videos. A celebration of cumming alone. Vocals by Lambert with his band, The Baby Dykes.


dir. Matt Lambert
DE / 2016 / 3min / EN ST FR
At almost 100m views, SWEAT is by far the most successful film ever commissioned by Nowness and Dazed. Using real phone interviews, this film digs into the psyches’ of the sweat-obssesed.

Subspace Outtake

dir. Matt Lambert
DE / 2021 / 2min / EN ST FR

An extended interview with Roughkicks during the filming of SUBSPACE.


dir. Matt Lambert
USA / 2017 / 17min / EN ST FR
Starring Sean Ford, Lane Rodger and Joey Mills, we get lost in the eroticsim of suburban boredom and summer flings.

Soundtrack by Pansy Division
Produced in Association with Helix

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