Saturday, 23.04
18h - Cinema Aventure
Salle 1︎Shorts

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⌚️ 65min. 

This program is also gonna be screened on Sunday, 24.04 at 16h.

After matter comes energy.

dir. Nour Beetch & Lisa Lapierre (Porn Freaks Club)
BE / 2021 / 18min / FR ST ENG

👤   In the presence of the director

AMCE is an intimate visual essay, directed by Nour Beetch and Lisa Lapierre. With a hybrid forms combining photographs, videos and performances, the artists use their bodies to convey a transgressive message which is: Love can be pornographic, too.


dir. Emilie Praneuf
BE / 2019 / 8min / NO DIAL
On a summer afternoon, a woman caresses herself, alone in her bed. Somewhere between thrilling journey and poetic trance, Babines is an ode to pleasure.

Glory Hole

dir. Mikesaf
BE / 2022 / 6min / NO DIAL

🌎   World Premiere
👤   In the presence of the director

Mikesaf's first film, Glory Hole invites, through a simple process, to look at a fellatio from a different angle. A classic revisited.


dir. PornProcess
BE / 2022 / 32min / FR ST ENG

🌎   World Premiere
👤   In the presence of the directors

With the arrival of darkness, fireflies of different species emerge the brief and flickering lights indicate this. We then follow the cameras, corporalities in their own right, held by glances that oscillate between voyeurists, researchers, actors. These beings interpenetrate, the atmosphere is strange, the glance gets lost in the mass of this sought after species.

©IDORU ASBL - 2022


Brussels Porn Film Festival

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