Sunday, 24.04
16h - Cinema Aventure
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⌚︎ 65min

Sex is all about fluids. Why we should think that some should deserve prime time and other don't? Don't shy away from you escathological mind and come watch our selection of the most touching and beautiful peepoopporns!

Thomas Outside

dir. Antônio Da Silva & Grundvold
PT, DK / 2021 / 9min / NO DIAL
THOMAS OUTSIDE is a erotic metaphor of the naked body in communication with nature.

In this film the Danish video artist and photographer Thomas / Grundvold uses his mobile phone and a photo camera to make videos that look like old paintings, presenting us his body like it was a piece of clay to mould sculptures from.

Atrophy Portraits III

dir. Four Chambers
UK / 2020 /16min / ENG ST FR
The idea of this series is to set up a traditional a portrait subject, lit for beauty and staring out to the gaze of the camera and to the audience watching and then… fuck them up. Day slides into darkness and the facade slips. Whereas submissive women are presumed to be passive, detached receivers of the desires of others, submissive men have a reputation for being pathetic, begging babies and that the women they serve only put up with them for money. This isn’t always the case. The idea that women just facilitate male desire is false, I love to see someone who wants to serve. The power in submission, and what that means - and the potential for transcendence in consensual degradation is powerful. Endurance is powerful. Subverting perfection is powerful.

For the first two parts of this series we had women as the subject and the submissive. For this third instalment we wanted to change that dynamic. The London Vagabond is the art project of Miss Gold and her toilet - they're artists, lovers, parents and perverts - a real life couple making work in London about sex, fetish and life at the margins. They met 4 years ago in a whirlwind romance of debauchery and now years later they’re partners in life and art, raising kids together and documenting their life, sex and community.


dir. Jan Soldat
AT, DE / 2021 / 11min / DE ST FR & ENG
A man and his shit.

“And why are you doing it?“
“Because I have a desire to do it, simple as that!“

Hungry Bitches

dir. Chiku & Genisis Pizarro
USA / 2020 / 2min / NO DIAL
The girls were hungry, and so they ate.

Lamento della Ninfa

dir. Matock
FR / 2019 / 7min / NO DIAL
« No me tormenti piu, no me tormenti piu... » or the encounter between BDSM and a baroque singing. This aria originating from the lamentations of a nymph ("lamento della ninfa") by Monteverdi is usually singed by a female tenor's voice. Monteverdi's betrayed nymph is here played by Martin Poppins, on a domination session with Zoé Gold. What are the stakes in this insolite relationship? Is it a metaphor of BDSM as performance? Is it a "come-into-being a nymph"?

Piss Off  X

dir. Henry Baker
USA / 2021 / 20min / ENG ST FR
The uncensored director's cut. PISS OFF X explores a long-practiced erotic fetish from the point of view of a gay millennial who expresses it as performance art.

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