Saturday, 22.04
14h - Cinema Aventure
Salle 1︎Shorts

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⌚︎ 88min

Flee away in a bitter-sweet daydream. If cinema is a box-of-dreams, we present you cinema's box of desires. Grab your most confortable wet-cloud and enter the density of a dizzy perception. Dreams sometimes political, sometimes poetical, but always fascinating.

The Beauty and the Beast

dir. Mathieu Morel
FR / 2021 / 13min / FR & ENG ST FR & ENG
Tonight’s program has been composed by and for grown-ups who are children at heart. Eternal history, the tale of Belle-Rose. Also known as Beauty and the Beast. Warning, some images are likely to offend homophobic sensibilities.

I’m still hard 4u.

dir. Nicolás Astorga & Felix Schütze
DE / 2020 / 4min / NO DIAL
Music video for the song I'M STILL HARD 4U by ASTORGA. Starting from an intimate situation where you can see a couple interacting sexually with each other, the video is presented through a homemade porn aesthetic. Filmed only with a nightshot camera, the video engages with a narrative that talks about objectification, self-exposure and the limits between use and abuse in contemporary homosexual relationships.


dir. Danius Monoceros 
IT / 2020 / 12min / NO DIAL
“REVERIE" is a short film about an homosexual wet daydream, set in London during the Covid 19 pandemic. A ride on the London subway, a sign “Please keep your distance”. The perfect start for a hot, gay daydream.

Sperm Obsession

dir. Prabucka Klaudia & Piotr Michalski
PL / 2021 / 5min / PL ST ENG
"Sperm Obessions” is a story of collecting sperm and the inability of deciding to use it. The main character is implicated in one night romances and the only true relationship she has - is with her dearest fish. What will happen if the only place left where sperm can be stored is the same place where the fish tank is? As director duo we believe in freedom of choice and freedom of thought. We stand in opposition to the pressure of the society and politics, that tell us that women can’t decide about their own bodies. We believe in the power of women and we are feminists.

Jammertal RGB

dir. Thomas Glänzel
AT / 2019 / 9min / NO DIAL
The film tells a very personal, interpersonal story in three acts or personalities. The striking imagery in this film is largely owed to the intriguing strength of the used 16mm material in b/w & colour, shot with a Krasnogorsk-3 camera, gaining even more intensity through the set and the stunning effects of the triple exposure technique used for the coloured sequences.

Tannhäuser, a Chavez Boy 

dir. Cristian Mora Moret
VE / 2020 / 12min / FR, ENG & ES ST FR & ENG
A self-portrait, a generation, from Prague in a pink dress to Miss Universe and again, to Como lake. The viewing of a video of her mother dancing to the rhythm of the drums next to a sex doll on a Caribbean beach is the eruption point of the catharsis.


dir. Youpron 
FR / 2021 / 9min / FR ST ENG
Un film de love à partir d'images tournées au microscope, de cruising dans les bois , de Hand Spinner et de sexy sur un son relaxant de cascade et de dérapage de motos.

Drawing Nudes

dir. Ivan Sobris
FR / 2018 / 4min / FR ST ENG
“Wanted: Male in good physical shape, willing to pose naked for art classes”. When the model tries to seduce the artist.

Exalted March

dir. Jean-Sébastien Chauvin
FR / 2022 / 19min / NO DIAL

🏆  Teddy Award 2022 - Best Shortfilm

🇧🇪 Belgian premiere

A man is dreaming of a city.
Unless the city is dreaming of him.

©IDORU ASBL - 2022


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