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⌚︎ 66min

Godasses – Part I: Puscle Mussy

dir. Emre Busse
DE / 2021 / 5min / ENG ST FR

👤   In the presence of the director
Puscle Mussy, one protagonist of Emre Busse’s movie GODASSES and the star of his very own OnlyFans account, has it both – “a big muscle pussy and big dick,” as he advertises his assets on Twitter. In this new project, Emre Busse questions the myth of having the perfect keister in contemporary queer porn and asks: What makes us fancy the fanny? How much junk belongs in the trunk?

Godasses – Part II : 5ildo

dir. Emre Busse
DE / 2022 / 5min / ENG ST FR

👤   In the presence of the director
Whereas the first video of Emre Busse’s GODASSES reverences the luscious materiality of the butt, the second part of his trilogy openly centers its open center. Together with adult entertainer 5ildo, Busse examines the asshole as gateway into a world of polymorphous pleasures, which are ultimately detached from the valorizations of sex and particularly the male sex.

Godasses – Part III : Jamal Phoenix

dir. Emre Busse
DE / 2022 / 8min / ENG ST FR

🌎   World premiere

👤   In the presence of the director
For the final installment in his GODASSES trilogy, Emre Busse conspires with trans porn talent Jamal Phoenix to redefine the desirable body outside of a hegemonic society’s normative restrictions and, because of the specific relationship that pornographic images have to their audience, fuck with a viewer’s assumed self-assurance as being a coherent sexual subject.

Canis Lupus

dir. Julian Curico
DE / 2021 / 20min / NO DIAL
Axel Abysse presents Canis Lupus. Wolves and dogs share a common thirst. In heat, Nikolaj and Jamal fist each other with great passion, drowning themselves in sweat, lube and more…


dir. Romy Alizée
FR / 2021 / 3min / NO DIAL
Melodic and meditative exploration of the joys of the fist.


dir. Mistress Katie Kinako, Mistress Hinako, Yoshi Kawasaki & Axel Abysse
JP / 2020 / 25min / JA ST FR & ENG
The powerful Mistresses Hinako and Kinako got their puppets Yoshi and Axel tied and ready. Shibari, torture, fisting... A Japanese tale where tradition meets debauchery and pain grow into delight.

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