Friday, 22.04
20h - Cinema Aventure
Salle 1︎Shorts

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The Beauty and the Beast 

dir. Mathieu Morel
FR / 2021 / 13min / FR & ENG ST FR & ENG
Tonight’s program has been composed by and for grown-ups who are children at heart. Eternal history, the tale of Belle-Rose. Also known as Beauty and the Beast. Warning, some images are likely to offend homophobic sensibilities.

A Cyborg Manifesto

dir. Four Chambers
UK / 2020 / 5min / ENG ST FR

Original commissioned by The Museum of Sex for the CAM LIFE exhibition, 'A Cyborg Manifesto' is a visual essay and a personal exploration of a life spent online.

"We broadcast our image in cells and pixels across continents, viewed by lenses, pushed through codecs and compression algorithms, adapting new ways to circumvent the physical. Thousands of people every day fuck and fuck themselves broadcast live via webcam.

I spent 4 years from 2012-2016 live online, executing a carefully choreographed performance of authenticity - shapeshifting, adapting, morphing. My sex and self monetised for consumption, working for tips. Records of this will outlive me, videos of cam shows ripped, recorded and uploaded on illegal sites, digital time capsules or ticking time bombs.

We exist in a system that commodifies our personhood, our images, our data and our lives online, to harness that isn’t freedom from it but it can be control."

Everything is ok  - An ASMR to help you sleep at night.

dir. Autojektor
UK / 2021 / 5min / ENG ST FR
Fetishisation meets demonisation in the destruction of faces.

2 or 3 Things I Like About Him

dir. Paul Stümke, Billy Vega, Jamal Phoenix
DE / 2021 / 15min / DCP-ENG ST FR

“2 or 3 things I like about him” is an attempt to create a subjective gaze at a professional porn set. Contrasting the proximal POVs of performers Jamal Phoenix and Billy Vega with an at times tableau-vivant-like outside perspective, it oscillates between intimacy and distance.

All of Me

dir. Josie Hess & Morgana Muses
AU / 2020 / 15min / ENG ST FR
Melinah Viking is a sex worker, camgirl and activist with cerebral palsy, this short intimate documentary explores her work, philosophy, and the intersections of her identity.

Faith of Steel

dir. Mistress Euryale
HK / 2021 / 6min / NO DIAL
Steel, latex, ashes, fluids, and leather… Machines, screens, gloves, endoscope, and cigarettes…

When the coldness and strength of technology meets the beauty and vulnerability of human bodies and emotions… A sneak peek at Mistress Euryale’s fantasy made reality with her human ashtray - or the total devotion of every inch of his trembling body, summoning the most sadistic part of Her. Let’s dive deeper into the troubled waters of human psychology... and human anatomy.

Sperm Obsession

dir. Prabucka Klaudia & Piotr Michalski
PL / 2021 / 5min / PL ST ENG

"Sperm Obessions” is a story of collecting sperm and the inability of deciding to use it. The main character is implicated in one night romances and the only true relationship she has - is with her dearest fish. What will happen if the only place left where sperm can be stored is the same place where the fish tank is? As director duo we believe in freedom of choice and freedom of thought. We stand in opposition to the pressure of the society and politics, that tell us that women can’t decide about their own bodies. We believe in the power of women and we are feminists.

The men who wait

dir. Trương Minh Quý
VN, FR / 2020 / 15min / FR, IT, BM ST ENG & FR
On a slag heap, where coal miners used to tramp, men are now awaiting each other.

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